‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring.. well, maybe one pug in a Santa outfit was.

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That’s a lot of brow.

I found these cuties waiting outside a supermarket in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble gobble..ruff ruffSmallest turkey I’ve ever seen

Tompkins Square Park –  22nd Annual Dog Halloween Parade (pdf)

(belated) Halloween in NYC, pt 1

Due to Hurricane Sandy and a trip to Thailand, these Halloween postings are a bit delayed.  Halloween is NYC’s most celebrated holiday, and as such, better late than never.  Trust me.

Tompkins Square Park –  22nd Annual Dog Halloween Parade (pdf)

**A special thanks to John & Anuja for all these great photos.**

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On Sunday, September 9th, NYC hosted Adoptapalooza, an event in Union Square Park dedicated to the adoption of more than 200 dogs and cats from over 30 rescue organizations. Check out some of the dogs up for adoption below!

Sean Casey Animal Rescue, located in Brooklyn, NY, was one of the many featured rescue organizations at Adoptapalooza. If you or someone you know in the NYC area is interested in adopting a rescue pet or would like to make a donation to support the organization, you can visit their website for more information.


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“I like Indiana.” Henry Jones: “We named the dog Indiana.”

Indy, short for Indiana, is an upper east side pup named after one of the greatest movie heroes of all time.  Named by her owner, Justin, a Harrison Ford enthusiast (check out his podcast Harrison Quest – Sons of Ford), this sassy lady does the name justice. When going for a walk with her, Indy not only was greeted by everyone in Petco (by name), but in the 2 block walk, we ran into several acquaintances of hers on the street and she also made an appearance in a local store, where the owner had treats ready for her. Indy is charismatic, energetic, and I dare say somewhat of a local celebrity in her neighborhood.

  • Name: Indiana (she prefers to be called Indy)
  • Type: Pug
  • Occupation: Doggie Day Care attendee
  • Birthday: January 2011
  • Likes:  cooking, eating leaves
  • Fears: going down spiral staircases (just to be clear – up is totally fine)
  • Best Friend: Guthrie, a puggle
  • Greatest Enemy: Edna, an English bulldog
  • Favorite Treat: baby carrots

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Take a stroll through McCarren Park

If you are looking to have a picnic, work out, play soccer, swim, run (owner – track; dog – dog park) or just lay out and get some sun, McCarren Park is the place to do it.  Located near the Bedford stop on the L train, this Williamsburg park is a great place to spend time on the weekends.

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Jack and Parker

A typical afternoon at my sister’s with her two boys

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